Možne teme

Master and PhD students may involve in some of the current projects (see the list in Slovenian or in English).

Other specific topics for dissertations are arranged by areas.

A. Survey methodology:

B. Web and mobile phone surveys (see

  • Meta-analysis of the non-response rates in Web surveys
  • Qualitative vs. quantitative research on the Internet
  • Mobile phone user pattern's impact on non-response in mobile phone surveys
  • Issues in Web survey methodology
  • Issues in Mobile phone surveys

C. Information society (see

  • ICT Technology and social networks, (See paper in NMS). See the 2005 data and questionare on Special focus on Mobile phones and social netwokrs.
  • Social consequences of mobile phones (see
  • Information society patterns in Slovenia
  • Digital divide. Impact of ICT on specific segments of society
  • Measurement of mobile work and telework
  • Time distance as a benchmarking tool (see
  • Issues in Internet research
  • Exploratory research on blog phenomena
  • Paedophilic behaviour on the web
  • Children and internet safety

D. Web (see

  • Web as a content and as a communication medium
  • Developing intelligent Web forums
  • Web content and Information architecture
  • Measuring Web visitations
  • Measuring Web Advertising

E: Network analysis

  • Networks of co(authors) in the area of web survey methodology (
  • Networks of authors in forum posts
  • Netwokr of paedophil content in P2P netwokrs (eDonkey MAPAP data)
  • Missing dara in network analysiy
  • Web survey instruments for measuring egocentric networks